Sunday, August 29, 2010

Agathocles and Crowd Control

I haven't delved too much into Agathocles at all, but after giving a listen to the Crowd Control side of this particular split I'm more than convinced. Russia seems to be full of all sorts of awesome Crust and Grind bands that I'll have to share further into the future of this blog.

Monday, August 23, 2010


This is a mandatory album. If you don't have it, get it!


Nihilist are what was to become the (in)famous Swedish Death Metal act, Entombed. I'm sure many of you all ready know of Nihilist by now, but I have come across many fans of Entombed who aren't even aware of Nihilist's existence. Personally I think the three demos they put out are far better than anything Entombed has ever done, but that's up for you to decide.


EyeHateGod don't need much of a description. They are one of the most prominent and well known modern bands out there. If you don't already know of them, think of something along the lines of a discordant sounding blend of The Melvins, Black Sabbath, St. Vitus, and Black Flag. Here is one of their best albums, Dopesick. Enjoy, fiends!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Life is a Lie

Life is a Lie are a Blackened Crust/ Grindcore act from Sao Paulo, Brazil. They are one of the few South American bands to play this style of music, so I hope you enjoy!


I'm still kicking myself for missing their show earlier this year. They've released a couple of splits which are worth checking out as well as a demo which I also recommend. Here is the first, and hopefully not last, full length from this Boston four piece.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Skagos are a wonderful Black Metal group from Vancouver, Canada. I'm not really quite sure who they sound like but I recommend them for fans of Agalloch.

Order of the Vulture

Orde of the Vulture are similar to Blackened Crust acts such as Iskra, Summon the Crows, and Martyrdod. They happen to be one of my favourite bands, so I hope you enjoy. Terrific live act as well, I've seen them once with Nux Vomica and again with Agrimonia.


Macrodex are a fairly unknown(surprise!) Swedish Death Metal band who later went on to from Crypt of Kerberos. Unfortunately they never released a full length under the name Macrodex or even played the same style of Death Metal under the name Crypt of Kerberos. These guys had members in Obscene, Tyrant, House of Usher and were quite active in the Scandinavian underground.

Summon The Crows

Summon the Crows are an unrelenting Crust band from Oslo, Norway who have strong leanings towards Black Metal. Lots of bands seem to be doing this these days, I approve.

Seeds in Barren Fields

Formerly known as Through the Mist of Tears, Seeds in Barren Fields are an anarchist Black Metal band from Gothenburg, Sweden. Whilst I wouldn't recommend them to many Metalheads, fans of Hardcore and Crust should indeed greatly enjoy this group. They are expecting a split with Death Metal group Peregrine soon.


Have fun everyone! Remember that if you do enjoy the albums posted here, purchase them if you can. If any of the music posted here is yours, ask and I will remove.